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    Hi! My name is Tsubi! I was born in Japan and raised on the sunny Gold Coast in Australia. I've lived in Sydney, Niseko, Hong Kong and now based in Tokyo, Japan. For eight years I worked in a demanding office job that involved grueling hours and constant computer work. During that time, I frequently relied on fast foods like instant soups and noodles that were quick and easy to eat at my desk. It was a sacrifice made on busy days when healthier options weren't available and I didn't have time to cook. This lifestyle continued for many years until my health slowly deteriorated. I was always tired and constantly getting sick and that is when I finally realized, I needed to make a change.


    It all began with food allergy tests and cutting out everything my blood reacted to. This also happened to be all the foods that I ate often, like yogurt, eggs, wheat, grains and meats... I also had elevated levels of mercury in my system (off the charts in fact!) due to my high seafood intake. My nutritionist advised that I simply convert to a vegan diet to completely detoxify my system. Although I was skeptic, I followed his orders for 3 months and for the first time in my adult life, felt a dramatic change from within.

    My digestion improved, my skin was glowing, I had less water retention, stopped getting sick all the time and was waking up with a noticeable bounce in my step! What I thought was previously normal, was clearly not. It was such an eye opening and life changing experience.

    vegan Tsubi Soup


    After changing my diet, I also learned about factory farming practices, genetically modified produce and the dangers of artificial food additives. The brutal images I saw could never be unseen. It became a habit to read food labels and was a shocking discovery to see countless chemicals, trans-fats, flavor enhancers, refined sugars, untraceable meats and animal by-products that were inside our every day condiments, snacks and even in products advertised as 'healthy'. Food labels were full of color codes and chemicals I couldn't even pronounce. It was obvious that these ‘healthy’ products were cheap to manufacture and existed purely to maximize profits for food manufacturers at the expense of the consumer’s health. This paired with the inability to trace food origin in most animal ingredients made me wonder about all the existing foods in the market. Finding appealing food products at the supermarket became a daily challenge, and I searched, but struggled, to find what I wanted - A convenient food that I could enjoy on-the-go, made with simple, traceable ingredients, vegan and most importantly, tasted amazing. I couldn't find this magical combination. So, that's when I decided to take matters into my own hands, create it myself and share it with the world.

    vegan Tsubi Soup


    Raised in a Japanese family, I grew up drinking homemade miso soup every morning and have always loved a GOOD SOUP. When I began researching ingredients, I couldn't bear to imagine using animal ingredients for my journey. So, I've started Tsubi Soup with what's close to my heart, in three miso blends, using only the highest quality cruelty free, vegan ingredients from Japan. After 2 years of recipe building and tasting hundreds! of miso soups, we finally launched our product December, 2015. Thanks to social media, it's been pure bliss to hear from all the people around the world who have been enjoying Tsubi Soup!


    Diet plays such an enormous role for our health and we believe that every mouthful of food should nourish and benefit your body and senses, whilst minimizing the impact on our planet and the animals we share it with. This is why we're committed to keeping every ingredient in Tsubi Soup fully traceable, 100% natural, vegan and delicious and nutritious as a homemade soup should be. I hope you enjoy Tsubi Soup as much as I did creating it.

    Love, Tsubi and Alex


    Some More Details about Tsubi Soup

    vegan tsubi soup



    Tsubi Soup is a 100% Vegan instant soup cube that delivers all the delicious and nutritional benefits of authentic Japanese miso in an easy-to-make, single serve package.


    We use a dehydration process called freeze drying which gently removes the water content from the soup and vegetables, without changing the composition and structure of the ingredients. By using this method we are able to retain up to 98 percent of the nutritional value while weighing only 20 percent of its original weight.

    As a result, Tsubi Soup is super light – weighing a tiny 15 grams – and jam packed full of crunchy vegetables that magically blossom into a fresh soup with the touch of hot water, making it a fast, healthy and tasty snack for people of all ages that can be enjoyed at any time of day.


    The compact packaging makes it convenient to carry while on the go and has a shelf life of up to 18 months without using artificial preservatives.


    Simply open Tsubi Soup into a mug, pour in 160ml (6oz) of boiling water and watch the ingredients come to life!

    Feasting on such wholesome goodness has never been easier!

    vegan tsubi soup



    Every bowl of Tsubi Soup is packed with carefully selected natural

    ingredients like miso, diced mushrooms, spinach, tofu, fresh spices and an all-plant based stock, free of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

    All Tsubi Soup ingredients come from the southern and northern tips of Japan and is free from risk of radiation. This was no easy task, but it is part of our commitment to bringing you a safe, high quality and delightful Japanese product.


    Our soups are also manufactured following an internationally recognized food safety management system that is ISO22000 and ISO22005 certified and our ingredients are sourced from the most trusted farms in Japan. We promise 100% traceability, meaning we know exactly how and where each ingredient was grown, harvested, picked and packaged and we follow the entire process until it arrives at our retailers.


    During the process of creating Tsubi Soup, we turned back many suppliers due to lack of transparency in farming methods and location of harvest. Even though this process delayed us by a whole year, we continue to apply these strict rules to ensure our product is of the highest quality and differentiates us from our competitors.

    vegan tsubi soup



    Today's students, professionals and parents often sacrifice healthy meal choices to stay on top of hectic schedules and tight deadlines. As a result, we're constantly consuming highly processed foods and synthetic additives which can lead to complications like allergies, gastric problems, skin ailments, asthma and even cause cancer. Yet manufacturers continue to inject these toxic ingredients into consumer products for their cheap manufacturing costs and their bigger profits...


    Tsubi Soup is a fast yet satisfying meal that relies only on natural flavors. We believe that every bowl of Tsubi Soup should truly nourish the body, and every ingredient should be something you would find in your own kitchen. Only pure goodness from nature.

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    Japan has the world’s highest life expectancy rate thanks in large part to diet, and one of Japan’s greatest superfoods – miso – has played a major role in everyday Japanese cuisine for centuries. Even used in modern cuisine, it has made it's mark as one of the world’s most important superfoods.


    The miso in Tsubi Soup is made of the highest quality NON-GMO soybeans that have been carefully fermented at our century old miso maker in Kyoto, a region famous for its ancient miso crafting skills. Our three special blends have been tried and tested to compliment the unique ingredients in each flavor.


    Miso is also a complete protein, meaning it contains all essential amino acids, and is packed B vitamins and antioxidants, which are great for anti-ageing mechanisms and cell regeneration.


    Being a fermented product, probiotics found in miso aid in long-term digestive health and helps balance the healthy bacteria in your gut. It's a perfect savoury snack for children and adults.

    Oh, and it tastes amazing too!

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    There are so many great reasons to adopt a vegan diet, from maintaining a healthy weight to increased energy levels throughout the day, better gut health to reducing your impact on the environment.

    Like any major lifestyle change, switching to a vegan diet takes a lot of

    determination and commitment. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy Tsubi Soup but you can benefit by making small changes to your everyday meals and slowly increasing the amount of plant-based foods in your diet.

    Its all about baby steps! Try removing meat or dairy one day a week. Go from there and you'll be amazed at how quickly you can see and feel the difference :) There are also global community events like 'Meatless Mondays' where you can participate in the vegan movement even once a week to contribute to the environment and express your support to a healthier and cruelty free lifestyle.

    Read more about the benefits of going vegan here

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    Thank You!

    Couldn't Have Done it Without YOU

    We couldn't have made it this far without your support and are truly blessed and grateful for this exciting journey. It makes us smile when we hear feedback from you so please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions, reviews or comments!


    If you enjoyed Tsubi Soup and think we would be a perfect match with any stores in your neighborhood, please let us/or them know! We are a family run business and would be delighted to expand our customer network across the globe. Thank you for all the love and encouragement. We are truly glad that we pushed on to create this product in the highest quality possible. We hope to continue to change the food market and peoples perceptions to instant food and bring more ridiculously delicious vegan soups to you for many years to come!