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    Featured in VOGUE MAGAZINE

    "The January Edition - Naturally Vogue"

    We are in UK Vogue Magazine - what a dream come true!

    "Eating well on the run just got easy - thanks to TSUBI SOUPs 100% Vegan instant miso soup. Using freeze-dried traceable ingredients it is free from MSG, GMO and artificial colors flavors or preservatives. From just 37 calories, tucking into one of these three delicious flavors satisfyingly tasty!"


    A proud moment to us to be featured in "Naturally Vogue Gift Guide" with beautiful Gigi Hadid on the cover.

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    AYA - CrossFit Trainer - Tokyo, Japan

    A leading fitness professional who swears by Tsubi Soup

    "I love Tsubi Soup because I can make it quickly between classes to warm up and refuel energy without worrying about calories or anything unhealthy inside. It's rare to find a product with this much emphasis on quality and food origin. Plus, it's filling and so tasty! A guilt-free snack or convenient addition to a home cooked meal. Spicy Mushroom is my favorite!"


    AYA is a celebrity personal trainer famous for sculpting the bodies of Japanese celebrities such as Angelica Michibata, Crystal Kay and Panzetta Girolamo. She actively models for sport fitness magazines and competes in Crossfit and fitness events all over the world.

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    Food Fight Grocery - Portland, Oregon

    An entirely vegan grocery store! we need more of these!

    "We don't usually get excited about much anymore, but we loooooove these Tsubi Soups. Made in Japan with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. MSG, gluten & GMO free. The little package makes a big bowl of soup! So easy to make. Just rehydrate with hot water. So many fancy mushrooms in here! Legit and delicious! Best food to take camping or on a trip to visit your family in North Dakota."


    Food Fight Grocery is the leading vegan grocer in Portland- famous in the vegan community and actively spreading awareness and information on the latest animal friendly products through their store!

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    Highly Rated on From A to Vegan

      Reviewed by Mauro - Pennsylvania, USA

      "They are great for when you feel like eating but don’t want to eat snacks or sweets, and I always feel like having a nice hot cup of soup anyway. Pretty useful to have around at home or in your drawer at work. I really, really liked these soups. In fact, I’m having one right now as I finish this review. I highly recommend them."


      From A to Vegan covers everything vegan from recipes, cooking videos, restaurants, veg friendly travel spots to clothing, accessories, cosmetics and everything in between.

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      A World of Compassion

      Vegan Recipes and Product Reviews on MyFridgie

      Aside from taste, here are some more reasons why these freeze dried miso soup cubes are so great:

      • they are all vegan ( fish broth free miso!! )
      • they are non-gmo
      • they contain no msg, are gluten free and low in sodium
      • all the ingredients used are fully traceable
      • there’s nothing artificial about them
      • you can actually see proper ingredients floating around in your broth

      I tried the three varieties, and while I enjoy them all, my absolute favorite is the spicy red miso soup made with shiitake, enoki, nameko and maitake mushrooms. So, so good! ❤


      See the full review here

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      A Beautiful Feature on Vegan Recipe Showcase

      Debra & Swoosie at Your Daily Vegan for Farm Sanctuary

      At this pretty little site, you can find visual inspiration for tasty and compassionate food. From breakfast to dessert and beginner to gourmet, you will be amazed at what you can create with nature’s bounty.


      "Tsubi Soup Cubes work like magic. In 3 flavors (seaweed tofu, veggies and spicy), just pour hot water over the soup to watch it magically blossom into a gorgeous soup. Ideal for travel, each cube has a shelf life of 18 months. Tsubi was born in Japan but grew up in Australia and after healing herself on a vegan diet, she gave up her stressful office job to bring miso soup cubes to the world."


      Thank you for a lovely post!

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      A YUM post on Ethical Unicorn

      Ethically Made | Zero Waste | Cruelty Free Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

      "When I first saw one of the cubes I couldn’t understand how there could possibly be any veggies in there, but as soon as I added water I suddenly saw them appear, as if by scientific food magic! An added benefit of this soup is the real entertainment you get from watching your soup become soup. Is that weird? Honestly, it’s so fun and I have to say, I love them."


      Ethical Unicorn is a London-based blogger, artist, writer and producer who is spreading awareness about ethical, vegan products and plant friendly lifestyle choices. We are so ecstatic that she loved our soups!

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      An Amazing Review on Vegan Miam

      Reviewed by Rika and Doni - Oregon, USA

      "Tsubi Soups are instantly satisfying and practical vegan meals that you can enjoy just about anywhere. We traveled with our Tsubi Soups and the packaging and contents held up well throughout our long journeys. We positively love these miso soups for a quick and easy meal on the go, especially for air travel when we’re constantly craving something hot and savory"


      Rika + Doni are vegan foodies based in Oregon. The term “miam” is just a way of saying yummy in French and represents their desire to discover decadent vegan cuisine and recipes around the world together.

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      An Awesome Review on Positively Vegan

      Reviewed by Kim Miles - Portland, OR USA

      "Tsubi Soup tastes great with no added seasonings or sauces needed, so it's perfect for travel and work days when you want a handy snack in your bag. I also used it in my morning hot miso-and-greens smoothie when I had run out of actual miso paste at home. It was perfect. Tsubi Soup saved my breakfast and tasted every bit as good as what I normally make."


      Kim is a vegan ambassador, on a mission to make the world a better place, one fabulous (vegan) meal at a time.

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      A Glowing Review on VEGAN OUTREACH

      Reviewed by Toni Okamoto - Sacramento, CA USA

      "In October 2015, Tsubi launched the one-woman business, Tsubi Soup, — and I am incredibly glad that she did! I consider myself somewhat of a soup aficionado, and this brand surpasses all my miso expectations. " 

      Vegan Outreach is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing suffering through the promotion of a vegan diet.

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      A Sweet Review on Sparkle Spotlight

      Reviewed by Lindsey Muraoka - Hawaii, USA

      "the soup is very tasty and that makes me want to keep eating more! However, the soup is meant to be a a snack and they are the perfect size for that. They also make a great compliment to a meal."


      Lindsey is an intuitive healer, writer and aspiring vegan chef from Hawaii

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      Featured in SASSY Hong Kong



      "Love miso soup? Then you’ve got to try out new brand ‘Tsubi Soup’! Tsubi Soup offers small packs of vegan, instant miso soup – perfect as a super healthy snack or addition to a meal. We’ve sampled these soups and not only are they made out of natural, nutritious ingredients, but they taste great too. So make sure you get your hands on them when they launch this autumn!" 

      Thank you Sassy Hong Kong!

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      A Five Star Review on VEGANOO !!

      The UK's biggest vegan food review blog

      "These are the best miso soups we've ever had, and they deserve to be more widely available. All three varieties are super tasty, and are all without MSG, preservatives, colours and sweeteners. Miso is also a complete protein, meaning it contains all essential amino acids, and is packed with B vitamins and antioxidants too."


      Veganoo are a massive UK based food blog that brings you news, reviews, opinions and comment for all things vegan. They give super honest reviews.... and we just received an amazing one! Check out the full review here!